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il Gialo - Sandy Springs, GA

I've eaten here several times and always enjoyed it. These photos and descriptions are from my last dinner at il Gialo, just a few days ago.

This restaurant spans the range of pizza lovers and traditional Italian to foodies-and does it all well. Places that make everyone in a group comfortable and happy are sometimes the perfect reason to visit over and over. Now for the food!

Order bread...with garlic unless you're not a garlic fan. It is served with oil and vinegar for dipping.

We did split a Caesar salad but were so hungry I missed the photo opportunity. It was tasty and you can request white anchovies-my fav!

Duck agnolotti with pecans, sage and butter. It is difficult to persuade my husband to order anything other than this dish. It really is that good.

I ordered Scaloppina (chicken picatta) with a side of spaghetti picatta. This dish is a lightly breaded chicken breast topped with wine and butter sauce plus capers. Rich but also tangy!


I would ordinarily have ordered a white wine with my meal but we wanted to share a bottle and were feeling like a red.

We had Barbera D'Asti with this meal-which is a medium Italian red. I'm a fan of ordering a wine from Italy if I'm eating Italian. Even better would be enjoying a wine made in the same region as the food.

Barbera is very flavorful but not so tannic that it takes over your mouth. The linked Barbera post describes it between a Pinot Noir and Syrah. It is one of my favorite Italian wines to have with food and on the more affordable side of Italian reds as well.

PIZZA from a previous visit

You can order pizza at your table alongside the regular menu. There is also a small section of the restaurant dedicated to pizza with a separate entrance and an Italian pizza oven. They offer lots of topping choices along with the traditional favorites.

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1 Comment

Jan 11, 2023

That chicken Piccata looks delicious 🤤

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