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One Wine a Week Challenge with Wine Folly

I ran across a wonderful post on Instagram from Wine Folly that proposed a schedule of trying a wine a week for 34 weeks. I love the idea of a tribe of people all trying the same things each week and the possibility of comparing notes. we go!

Check the details here:

Short detail on the "rules"

  • Accessible wines: we want to drink something that anyone with access to a local wine store or online wine store can buy.

  • No price tags higher than $30: we’re looking for something accessible. No one should have to take out a second mortgage on their home to drink great wine!

  • Representative wines: we want to cover wines and grapes that are typical of their regions. Pinot Noir from Oregon, Gewürztraminer from Alsace, etc.

  • Follow the rules: we’re going to follow the rules to the letter: 34 wines, 12 countries, 9 styles.

Week 1 (last week): Spanish Cava

Cava is sparkling wine from Spain. I mentioned this wine in the sparkling wine post and about how the value for Cava is great - highly recommended.

My bottle is Naveran Brut Nature, Vintage 2018 that I found at the Dekalb Farmer's Market in Decatur, GA. Honestly, I really just liked the label on this one...and it was not too expensive.

Wine Folly describes how to taste and describe wine here. Then - after the tasting - they post notes to the wine list. Spanish Cava post is available now.

I really enjoyed this wine. Again, Spain has such great value for quality.

This cava was light and refreshing, but still creamy with citrus and almond flavors.

I had a "bowl" for dinner with this - beans, rice, shrimp, salad with a spicy dressing. It worked well with the cava (although I am already a big fan of sparkling wine with food).

Don't forget to post on social media with #34Wines34Weeks!

Next up (THIS week): French Beaujolais

Try this one in preparation for Thanksgiving. It is a light, friendly red that pairs well with the traditional Thanksgiving meal: Turkey, dressing/stuffing, vegetables.

Gamay is the dominant grape in most of these.

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