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Delbar - Atlanta, GA

I'd heard about Delbar for many months and had it on my list to try. SO glad I finally did!

The name translates from the Farsi language to "heart, captured" in English. This restaurant serves a mix of Middle Eastern dishes inspired by the inspirational women in the chef's life.

It was fitting that my first visit was with a group of women who inspire me!

We wanted to try everything so we ordered many dishes and treated it like a tapas experience. The menu is super interesting with lots of protein and veggie options. Our waiter explained the more traditional dishes and some of the chef's fusion creations. We had no complaints and cannot wait to return!

You'll be greeted with a traditional appetizer called Sabzi Khordan. A combo of walnuts, feta cheese, radishes and a mix of herbs, mint, tarragon, basil, parsley. Try eating bites of different combinations: radish+feta+herb - walnut+feta+herb

Adas Polo - The best rice ever!

This Iranian dish is a combo of rice with lentils, raisins, butter, nuts, spices and topped with fried onions.

Here is recipe online that includes meat. Our version was without meat.

This marinated beet carpaccio with whipped feta was one of my favorites. It has a very citrusy flavor - super refreshing!

Dill Labneh and flatbread were a perfect pair. The labneh was an herby, cool and creamy spread/dip for torn pieces of sesame seed-studded flatbread. There is an option here to order a side of veggies instead of bread - which I love!

We ordered several other dishes that were all delicious! I highly recommend the smoked bass appetizer. It is the chef's nod to Japanese cuisine - one of his favorites. The Chinjeh, beef sirloin marinated in yogurt, saffron and onion, was also wonderful. It was crazy tender with a lot of flavor.

This experience was definitely enjoyed!

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