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Granada: Spain 2019, Stop 1

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

In December 2019 my husband and went to Spain. It was one of the very best travel experiences we've had. In itself, a trip to Spain is enough to get me super excited, but this trip was different and very special for a few reasons...

-I had just turned 40!!! so this was a bit of a birthday celebration

-One stop was Granada - to visit The Alhambra - on my BUCKET LIST

-We were meeting up with friends FROM Spain. THE BEST way to visit a place!

-First holiday in another country for us

-We get to experience an authentic Spanish Christmas with our friends and their families

We flew into Madrid then took the subway to the beautifully green Atocha Train Station.

We ended up at this station 6 times during our trip!

I adored our hotel in Granada - a perfect mix of old world and modern, stylish touches nestled into a little alley in the historic Albaicin area. I definitely recommend this hotel and location!

Hotel Room-----A special Christmas treat, Polvorones, at the check in desk-----Hotel Atrium

Hotel entry and cobblestone alley leading to the hotel. These alleyways zig-zag throughout the historic neighborhoods of Granada.

Weaving through the historic Albaicin neighborhood via cab. This shot makes me wonder...which was first? Was it the path or was it the structure?

Granada is a city of mazes and hills. Destinations can easily be further by car than by foot.

A check on my bucket list: The Alhambra

How did The Alhambra end up on my bucket list?

Being from a very small town, there were not a lot of opportunities to enjoy/find [classic examples of] art nearby. I make a point of differentiating "classic" because I believe in everyday art - a handmade coffee mug - graffiti - wonderfully designed landscape - my grandmother's latest sewing endeavor - my neighbor's newest living room arrangement.

My introduction to artists and historically appreciated art came from a few very special teachers. One of those teachers introduced me to the work of M.C. Escher. Check him out - his work is incredible! He drew inspiration from many places in the world, The Alhambra being a major inspiration. I have wanted to see The Alhambra ever since.

Tile, tile, and more amazing tile throughout the Alhambra complex!!

The Alhambra was a city of activity long, long ago.

I could totally imagine having breakfast or a drink in that courtyard...

Amazing anyone reminded of Game of Thrones?

Food in Granada

Finding good food and drinks in Granada was easy. We learned that you really just have to interject yourself into the restaurant scene. They all stay SO busy!! Many of the local restaurants offer a free tapa with your drink. FREE. You can choose it as well. Amazing.

A traditional, long-standing Spanish restaurant in the middle of a busy area. The setting for our meal was across the alley from the main restaurant and bar. We were as packed in as the sardines and anchovies that Spaniards love to eat.

Wine: Simply red or white in these easy tapas settings - and I don't remember a bad one!

Pictured left: a salad of tomatoes, artichoke hearts, asparagus, red peppers, tuna, anchovies and mussels

Below: Croquettas, Broad Beans with ham

Negro Carbon, GO HERE!!

This place is all about the grill - and it is amazing. It was both elevated and relaxed at the same time. We were happy with everything from the food to the drinks to the service.

Some walking and snapping pics of the area near our hotel.

2 nights was not enough to feel like we saw all that Granada had to offer. This city is incredibly historic and there is much more to see.

It was immediately back on my travel list to visit again before we ever left!

Off to the next stop: Toledo

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