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Fall Apple Ginger Spritz

When apple cider starts showing up in the produce section of the grocery store I’m ready to create all kinds of fall drinks. I usually just drink it exactly as it comes, heated in a mug at night...but sometimes I add a little spiced rum and I recently came up with this spritzy combo.


-Fresh apple cider - from the produce section, sold in a gallon or half-gallon jug

-Ginger ale - I've been using ginger ale bold lately and I like the extra spice!

-Alcohol of choice...I've been using about 4 ounces Haus "New Fashioned" aperitif but a shot of spiced rum, whiskey or cognac work well with the cider and ginger flavors.


  1. Start with a glass of ice

  2. Add your alcohol of choice (4 oz Haus / 1 shot otherwise)

  3. About 2 ounces cider

  4. Top with ginger ale

  5. Stir and drink up!


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